Tinnitus Seminar

Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, is a condition that affects 25 million Americans and severely impacts 7% of that population. We have been helping patients with tinnitus since 2005 by conducting individual assessments and we want to be able to offer our services to more people who need the help.

That is why we are offering an entirely new seminar: Introduction to Tinnitus Management: A Collaborative Approach to Tinnitus Treatment! The seminar allows us to help in a unique way, while giving you the same information that we provide in the individual assessments.

We also know that tinnitus can significantly impact emotional well-being and we have partnered with Nicole Carreon, LMFT and owner of Nobility Wellness to share more about different counseling styles and techniques that you can use right away.

We want to empower you to find the relief you’re looking for with tinnitus treatment. We know there is a lot of hope in making the tinnitus less bothersome to you, the first step is simply learning more about what tinnitus is, what it isn’t, and give you treatment options.

Nobility Wellness

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