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Audiologists in Edina and Burnsville, MN

Jason Leyendecker, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology, Owner
Jason Leyendecker, Au.D.
Doctor of Audiology, Owner

Living with constant ringing, buzzing, or even a whooshing sound in your ears can be incredibly frustrating.  If that’s not enough, certain everyday sounds may make you feel angry, anxious, or agitated, or loud noises seem uncomfortably loud.  

Tinnitus, Misophonia, and Hyperacusis can all significantly impact your daily life.  The good news is, you don’t have to suffer. There are a range of treatment options available, and the right approach for you will focus on effectively managing your symptoms and improving your overall well-being.  

At our clinics in Edina and Burnsville, we run individualized programs specific to your conditions and focus on audiological best practices to dramatically reduce your symptoms. We utilize state-of-the-art assessment equipment and technologies and work with only the highest-quality hearing and tinnitus products.

We are aware of how misunderstood some of these conditions can be. We want to reassure you that your symptoms are real, you are not alone, and we can help you through it.

Don’t wait to find relief. Call us today at 952-295-2249 to schedule a consultation and discuss how we can help you manage your tinnitus, misophonia, or hyperacusis. Take back control of your hearing and well-being.

Get Relief Your For Symptoms Of Tinnitus, Misophonia, And Hyperacusis

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Ringing. Buzzing. Screeching. You don’t have to live with frustrating sounds – our tinnitus experts are here to help!

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Intolerance to certain sounds can adversely affect your life – but we can help with hyperacusis!

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Sensitivity to noise may be emotionally taxing, but we have solutions for misophonia!

We can help you manage tinnitus, misophonia, and hyperacusis. Don’t let sound sensitivities control your life. We offer personalized treatment plans to help you find peace and quiet again. Reclaim your focus, sleep, and overall well-being.  Call us today!

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Why Edina and Burnsville Love Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Clinic

  • We are one of the only clinics in the Midwest that has treatment options for tinnitus, misophonia, and hyperacusis. Ear-Nose-Throat doctors (ENTs) from Minnesota and beyond refer patients with these three conditions to us.
  • We are committed to the Three E’s (ethics, education, experience) when treating tinnitus and sound sensitivity in our patients.
  • We provide a full array of services, experience and professional expertise.
  • We don’t believe that there is one perfect technology for everyone, and we aim to find the best technology to manage your symptoms.
  • We work closely with your physician to ensure that your hearing or tinnitus are managed medically in addition to the assessment and rehabilitation we will perform.
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